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Privacy Policy

You Can Find Tbn Web Our LLC. Privacy Policy

Tbn Web LLC. Privacy Policy

Tbn Web Software Company (https://tbnweb.com/) Privacy Policy includes; how is your personal information gathered, usage and protection situations, and how is it shared. Please read this section to get more information about Tbn Web’s Privacy Policy.

Personal Information

According to our privacy policy your personal information is a data or information, which can be identified as your personal, such as: your name, gender, age, profession, address, phone number, e-mail, personal condition.

This information can be gathered by using offline or verbal forms which are not open to public or from our website.

Protection of Personal Information

Your personal information can only be reached by our authorized employee or health care centers to provide the necessary service. By using the Tbn Web LLC. website, you give your consent to handle this information.

Besides that, your personal information can be revealed in these cases;

By court decisions, to initiate a legal action, to use legal rights or to defend against legal right claims.

In cases such as: merging with another company or a takeover situation.

Except these, it is not going to expose or use your personal information without your written permission.

You can get back your written permission whenever you want but you can not get the reveals or usages that have been made before.

It does not hire or sell your personal information. However it does not guarantee that information will not be exposed because of the reasons which are not originated from us.

Amendments in Privacy Policy

This privacy policy reserves the right to change from time to time. Please check the amendments in privacy policy frequently. After an amendment in privacy policy, keep using this site implies that you have given approval.

Other Website Links

This privacy policy is only for Tbn Web LLC. Website. When you click a link that directs you to another site, that site’s privacy policy is valid.


If you have any advices or questions about Tbn Web LLC .Website’s Privacy Policy please send your thoughts to info@tbnweb.com

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